Follow your rhythm,

    listen to yourself.

Energy therapy

Private sessions

Every session is a window in which take care of oneself, by allowing oneself to be one’s own true nature.

During the sessions there is a time of sharing and of comprehending what actually brought to the disease, as well as that which will be done to improve the situation, to heal and to be in harmony with oneself.

We help to increase the light frequencies and the state of consciousness so that the path of union will become more and more a reality.

Using the power of the hands and of the voice we will work on symptoms and causes to help the distorted energies to find again their natural state by realigning with healing frequencies that are closer to the original state.

In this way we take care of any condition, would that be physical, emotional or mental.

Where there is a need for a more subtle work, that addresses a conscious process of evolution, the work becomes more active, and a process of being in charge for that which is created in one’s own life will be facilitated.

If requested we can also work purposefully on cellular memories: karmic, family or individual. We are in the time of purification: any attachment to the past holds back to the fullness of the present.

Sometimes we do sessions in nature, for some kind of works are not possible indoor. Through the use of Rituals and the connection to the Earth and all the elements present we are given guidance and clarity.

Being myself a channel and cathalysator of higher and subtler frequencies, i use sound and Light Language, visualizations and channeled messages and other ways to transform and transmute that which is no longer valid.

Healing is nothing else than a coming back to the natural state: a return to Life, to the beauty and the perfection we are.

Disease is related to having taken distance from one own’s center and truth.

Respecting the needs and the rhythm of the individual, i work following what the person needs and requests.

To vibrate on higher frequencies allows the transmutation of the old and the welcoming of a new breath.

A sense of lightness and of deep peace are some of the common feelings of those who come to have a session with me.