Remember your beauty, your power and your light.

Energy therapy


Energy Therapy is healing.

In a sacred and protected space, respecting the personal needs and rhythm, i work guided by the person requirements and requests. In this time i am a channel, a cathalyst and an accelerator. I follow my hands, that very well know how to operate and I allow messages to be shared and knowledge to be expressed and revelead during the sessions.

I work on the body and the cellular memories by transmuting and transforming old beliefs - which belongs to the past - that create blockages and heaviness on the physical, emotional and mental level, as well as on the path of the soul. Remembering one’s own gifts and abilities is a true gift.

I help to find a new inner balance and a new life, to recognize the causes of the diseases and the limiting beliefs, to perceive the subtle vibrations and to amplify the state of consciousness and the day-to-day awareness.

Sessions work on the following aspects:

  • Muscular tensions, tightness, rigidity, heaviness, injuries, pulled muscles, tears, support in rehabilitation after surgery and more: as per the physical;
  • Sadness, delusion, anger, frustration, sense of abandonment, guiltiness, anxiety, etc: as per the emotional;
  • Iperactivity, restlessness, difficulty in reaching a state of peace, improving concentration and focus, etc: on the mental level;
  • Opening of the Heart: the seat of the Soul;
  • Reconnecting with one own’s path and sense of Self, allowing the inner knowledge to be revealed: on the soul level and on the individual consciousness.

To be able to make these changements we will be working on muscles, fascias, trigger points, Meridians and acupuncture points, Chakras, cellular memories and subtle bodies.

I use my hands, sounds, Light Language, visualisations, channeling and high frequencies to work on both, the physical and the subtle bodies.

To whom does it help?

This way of working helps both, symptoms and causes, of any disease, suffering and illness. 

It address itself to everyone who has physical symptoms, emotional and mental stress, anxiety, insecurity, panic attacks or „irrational“ fears. 

It helps those who have compulsive behaviour (food, shopping, work, etc.) and those who do not feel well but no medical diagnosis has been found. 

It guides those who are looking for a new way of living and do no longer feel in alignment.

No special requests are needed, if not the desire and the will to take care of oneself and one own’s health.

It accompanies and sustains those who are in a time of confusion; those who feel they are out of harmony; those who feel in a period of darkness and cannot see the light; and those who knows there is more to life than what they are experiencing. Because it helps to comprehend life and find visions on how to proceed and how to bring clarity, by letting of the old and welcome the new.

It is also recommended to those who have the desire to explore, to go beyond the known, to evolve, to open the wings and fly higher.

An open heart is one of the principle on which my therapy is founded, and the absence of judgement is the spirit with which i work.

To listen with my entire being makes these treatments a space in which feel welcomed, surrender and be guided.

Thanks to a sense of confidence it is possible to reach deep states of relaxation and inner calmness. It is then possible to let them anchor in the cellular memory to be founded and remembered anytime and anywhere.