Open up: there is an entire universe awaiting for you.

About me.

My name is Patrizia Cotti and originally i come from Locarno, on the Major Lake, in Switzerland. I always felt very alive when, as a young girl, i was in nature, especially when in the presence of rocks.

I graduated as a Physiotherapy in 1999 and since then i have been working in Switzerland, China, Italy and now back in Switzerland. I practiced as a physiotherapist for 8 years, and during that period of time i also learned Acupuncture, in Shanghai, and i followed, for two years, the studies of osteopathy in France.

Since 2008 i work as a healer and i give courses about enquiry, self discovery and relationship. Since i am back in Switzerland i also love to bring people to sacred places in Ticino. 

In the individual sessions I use my abilities to transmute and transform all that creates physical pain, emotional instability and mental issues, like stress, and i also help to release and bring awareness to the impediments on one’s own path. I help remember that every and each human being is precious and unique, and as such he or she is responsible for his or her own wellbeing. I take care of the soul by giving it space to express itself. 

Through the use of my hands, the sound and the Light Language I help to release the heaviness that is present, by freeing oneself from the symptoms of the disease and by rising the frequencies and the vibrations of the light body and anchor them. Space for individual expression is also sacred and co-operation to open the path to a healthier and truer way of living - more in tune with one’s Higher Self – is also of great importance. The profound listening of the subtle energies helps to find out the causes that are at the very base of the disease and to release the unhealthy and distorted circuits that brought to the suffering. 

Intuition and listening is what i use during workshops to create harmony within the group, to welcome the needs and requests of the individual, to flow with the energy of site we are at. I use meditation, perception, personal transformation and my own experience to perceive the subtle energies. In nature i very often work with Rituals to bring back the power of the one and of the group, to help refine one’s own perception and sense of the energies. In sacred sites, where the connection with Mother Earth is deeper and clearer, we work with the self.

My personal development includes: Degree in Physiotherapy, in Lugano, Switzerland; Degree in Acupuncture at the Shanghai College of TCM, China; Advanced Consciousness Programm with Jeddah Mali, San Francisco, USA; The School for The Work with Byron Katie, Los Angeles, USA; Awakening of the Illuminated Heart with Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sedona, USA; Academy of Aurora with Yvette Sitten, Auckland, New Zealand; Celtic Earth Priestess with Manon Tromp, Glastonbury, England.

After working for a period of time as a physiotherapist, in 2005 i had my first major change. During a course about Qi, in Thailand, a deep inner movement took place: a new world, i wasn’t aware of, awakened within me.

In 2008 while coming back from a journey to the main sacred sites in Egypt i got a message by the inner voice that said: „it is time to work as a healer“.

The message was so clear and true that i followed it: i left my work as a physiotherapist and started to work as a healer. I knew i was doing the right thing: i was following my soul path.

Straight away came the first clients and with each one i knew what to do and how to work: i only had to follow my hands and listen to the messages that came through. 

For a better understanding of what was going and for a deeper connection with the subtle energies i started to meditate and to follow courses to better comprehend how to work. It was important to open further to a wider understanding about the human being, its complementarity with the surrounding world and its union with All That Is.

This path helped me to open up to new states of beingness and to the knowledge within, which makes my today’s practice as a healer. It guided me to operate with my intuition and to be a Channel and a Sound Healer. I still follow my hands, the inner knowledge and the messages that come through, allowing what is present to guide me, holding higher frequencies of energy, without the interference of the intellect, which very little knows. 

Sacred Sites have been calling upon me since i was twenty years old. I traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, Perou, Egypt, China, Thailand, India, Burma, United States, New Zealand, England, Irland and France.

Today, thanks to this experience, i am also exploring the ones in Switzerland, where i bring individuals and groups. We work with the energies of the site and, if needed with crystals.

You are essential and unique in the cosmic matrix and in the creation of today’s world, and you, too, contribute to the manifestation of the collective consciousness. You are it.

Everything depends on how you decide to see yourself and to live.

For a change to happen on the outside, nothing else is possible then becoming it inside of you.

We are separate and united, single and interconnected, alike and different, in constant relation to the inner world and in constant exchange with the outer world, close-by and distant.